I use highly diluted, acrylic paints, that I hand-make specifically for individual bodies of work. Whether woking abstractly or representationally, I strive to capture the essence of my chosen subject. My process balances immediacy with patience—my images are often realized with a combination of quick, instinctual gesture and a rigorous attention to material detail that requires extended time and experimentation to develop.

· The Apertures series—my largest body of work—aims to capture single, yet multi-faceted moments as they unfold.  With these paintings I attempt to define space and express infinity simultaneously.  My entire body, arm, hand and brush flow in a continuous motion to produce
a direct mark.  

· The Figments series grew as an answer to the Apertures.  My gesture is distant rather than bold.  I lay fabrics over paper to make the imagery, or I use stencils to build a temporary installation.  
I incorporate textiles, sand, or other organic elements to create impressions of elusiveness, femininity, and a sense of weightlessness.

· The Space Between is a body of work reflecting on complex interpersonal relationships between two people. My process is connected to the intricate layers that form the foundation of long-lasting human connection; each step acting as a metaphor for the intermingling of individual personalities, shared events, and emotions that unfold over time. 

· The works in Botanical Studies are comprised of flowers and other flora rendered in monochromatic silhouette. With these quick, gestural studies I capture the essence of my subject in its natural environment. This body of work aims to reveal the bold power of life in its physical form.