Through saturated color, geometric compositions, and fluid gestures, my monochromatic imagery explores concepts of openness, the unknown, and undefined space.  I am searching to represent the contradictions and oppositions that can exist within single beings.  My intention is to merge the contradistinctive values of my themes and materials.  I want to suggest intimate but forward movement—a limitless movement in time and space. I am looking for the unrevealed.

I create my paintings using highly diluted acrylic, ink and watercolor on paper.  The surface becomes part of the medium as I integrate the white of the background as an element equal
to the paint.  This process forces me to trust and follow the path presented to me.  During the painting and drying process, I lay the surface horizontally to avoid the effects of gravity that come into play when using water-based media on a vertical surface.

The Apertures series—my largest body of work—aims to capture single, yet multi-faceted moments as they unfold.  With these paintings I attempt to define space and express infinity simultaneously.  My entire body, arm, hand and brush flow in a continuous motion to produce
a direct mark.  

The Figments series grew as an answer to the Apertures.  My gesture is distant rather than bold.  I lay fabrics over paper to make the imagery, or I use stencils to build a temporary installation.  
I incorporate textiles, sand, or other organic elements to create impressions of elusiveness, femininity, and a sense of weightlessness.